The Daily Grind, Scrape, and Rub

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When you see a hammered, dumped, or slammed car on your computer screen or at a car show, if you’re like me the first thought that comes to your mind is, “This thing looks SICK!”. What you often don’t think about are the troubles that come with trying to navigate the black ribbon of horror that is the American road system. Every time I climb… err, fall into my car, I always run through a map in my head about where the bad roads are, and which I shouldn’t drive on. On top of that, I need to keep track of the potholes and bumps on the bad roads I am forced to travel on. Let me put it this way: if you plan on being dumped, there are certain things you will absolutely have to get used to. For instance, plan on being acquainted with the pavement quite often. It might even be a good idea for you to get to know each other well, because you’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the near future.

member TheIndustrialist getting familiar with his local road crews’ handywork”]If you’re a Volkswagen owner, I can recommend getting a direct line to your nearest dealership, as you’ll be going through oil pans faster than a new born baby goes through diapers. Of course, if you do own a VW, you already know that the parts department is your best friend.

On the contrary, if you’re like the majority of us here in the Slammed Sedan Crew, specifically if you own an SVT header-swapped Zetec like myself, you will quickly realize that the header is trying to kill itself every time you pull into the grocery store entrance, which has an approach angle of no less than 30°, and an altitude change of at least a foot and a half.

member SVT3658 making us wonder how he made it to the top of the garage”]Oh, and forget friends! The second you install coilovers on your car and crank them down, you can say goodbye to any hopes of carrying around friends; and even if you do still have friends after the fact, they’ll quickly realize the bum you are for asking to use their car for everything. It also may or may not ruin a relationship when you tell your girlfriend that she has to lose weight in order to ride in your car. All I can hope is that the two of you have a strong relationship.

But in the end, even though you have no friends; your girlfriend left you; and your new best friend has become the crown in the middle of Main Street, you can still admire what a beautiful car you have; and that you have the kahunas to drive it on the streets when most would consider it a fate worse than death.

-Blake Nichols (TrailBikeRider)

Blake, we might as well toss in a pic of your car! -Ed.

Blake is this low in MICHIGAN. Get on his level.

The Movers Have Arrived!

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The Slammed Sedan Crew would like to give a HUGE shout out to the boys over at Solo Automotive Magazine, who have been burning the midnight oil in preparation for the debut of the new Solo website as I type this. Shawn, Dave, and Josh have tirelessly crafted a publication and website that not only break the proverbial mold, but dare to create an entirely new format of automotive expression. Along side the new site is the unveiling of the much-anticipated April/May 2011 issue, featuring a few of the most unique cars on the planet.

Solo has always been a huge inspiration for the writers here at the Slammed Sedan Crew; the debut of each new issue is like Christmas morning for us. Peruse the past issues of Solo as you wait for the unveiling of this spring’s issue, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself in the same boat.

Check out the fruits of Solo’s tireless effort at . Heck, you might even see a word or two thrown together by yours truly.  ; )

-Matt Cydylo (cobrawannabe)

The cover of Solo's upcoming April/May 2011 issue.

KEEGAN KOMPONENTS is Now Open for Business!

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That’s right folks, my personal business is making it’s first group buy on the Florida Focus forum! Click the link to find out more!

UPDATE!!! The Group Guy has now expanded to FocalJet!

-Matt (cobrawannabe)

Stuff & Things Happening

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Spring has FINALLY arrived (although you wouldn’t know it by looking at the weather…at least here in Michigan), so I figured I would update you all of the exciting things going on in the Slammed Sedan Crew!

-Mr. Cydylo has some highly anticipated things possibly going on his car soon, so we should expect to see a sexy ST in the next month or so.

-Chuck finally got his car stanced, and it looks amazing; great work Chuck!

-Jon has finished his 5×100 conversion, and has just recently installed DGR Coilovers! So expect updates from both Chuck and Jon.

-As for myself? Well the car is running, and running well. I am also looking into getting new wheels (edited out for secrecy! -Wannabe) next weekend. The big news? My coilovers are installed!

The rest of you…ya’ll are slackin’! Also, expect a full feature on Bob Guptill’s Liquid Gray Sedan in the near future. In the mean time, I look forward to seeing moar low from the lot of you!

-Blake (trailbikerider)

Help Wanted!

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The blog is looking for more writers, photographers, and general contributors! If you are interested, let us know! If you want the blog to be more active, apply to contribute! Just send us a sample of your work along with an outline of what you would like to do to help! We can be reached via e-mail at:


Who’s going to the #1 Ford Focus meet in the world at the Carlisle All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania this year? if you are, let us know by logging into Facebook and sending Ken and the gang a pic of your car. The official Facebook group for Focus Rising 2011 can be found here:

Keep an eye out for the Elitist Turtles, as they are expected to show in full force this year. While my car may be taking a spot on the back burner, I have some other tricks up my sleeve in conjunction with Solo Automag  and some other buddies in the business. What this project is, I cannot disclose at this point in the game; but suffice it to say: There will be stuff and things, good sir. There will be stuff and things. Check the following links for badassery in the purest of senses. If you read carefully (and between the lines), you may find some clues as to what’s going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned to follow developments!!!

I leave you with a sexy pic of what “Teh Blakage” has been up to lately. Congrats on gettin’ the old girl running, bud!

Woohoo! Needz moar Mach!

-Matt (Cobrawannabe)

P.S. Chuck better make it!!!

They do it big (and low) in Texas.

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I know what you’re thinking. Who does this joker think he is critiquing these cars, when his own isn‘t even mobile? While you may be right, doing this gives me motivation to get Goldmember back on the road. So, seeing as how this is my first addition to the SSC Blog, and our very own Matt Cydylo has bigger things on his plate right now (that I cannot divulge), I figured what better way to kick off my first feature than introduce Houston’s finest sedan? This 2001 Sedan belongs to none other than Chuck Ohamara, or “ChuckDee” on Focus Fanatics, and “the c.Oh” on FocalJet. His car has come a long way from the plain-jane Sedan it used to be. So let’s get started!

There are quite a few guys from the Houston area, and I find myself wondering what it is about Chuck’s car that sets it apart from the rest. Is it the ST170 headlights paired with the SVT front bumper that make the front end pop? Or is it the custom painted wheels (which I might add, he has big plans in store for new ones) paired with the ride height he’s achieved with his Ksport coilovers? Either way, one thing is certain. Whatever it is that Chuck sets out to, will undoubtedly look amazing on his sedan.

Since this is Chuck’s daily driver, modifications have taken place over time…but this just adds to the allure of the car. Chuck, I can remember about three years ago, when I first got my car. I was scouring Youtube looking for mod ideas, and I stumbled upon a video titled “focus Cold air intake”. This was the first time I was introduced to your car, without even knowing who exactly you were at that point. Remember how you said “It doesn’t even have rims, except for the 16” that it came on”? Well looking back on that now, I’m sure you can laugh; because you know all of that is about to change.

The stance scene has really blown up in the past couple of years, and seeing so many well-done examples of properly stanced Focuses on the forums is really what has given Chuck the motivation, and has influenced him to do something similar on his sedan. The further Chuck moves towards his goal, the more heads this car will turn. Meanwhile, until DHL delivers my own coilovers from the across the pond, and I can stare longily into the headlights of my own car (how cute) and smile, I will continue to be jealous of and admire others who are ahead of the curve, like Chuck. So while I sit here in my chair writing this, with a blanket wrapped around my legs because of the sub-zero windchill outside, Houston is sounding very appealing right now. Enjoy your warmth, and keep up the superb work! Looking forward to seeing you, as well as your ride at Focus Rising 2011.


2001 Ford Focus Sedan by Chuck Ohamara
Current mods:
ST170 headlights
6000k HID kit
European grille
SVT front bumper w/ yellow fog lights
Ksport coilovers
Custom tinted taillights
Painted side mirror caps
Resonator delete
K&N drop-in filter
Massive underdrive pulley kit
12″ Audiobahn Flame series sub w/ 1000 watt monoblock Boss amp
Sony Headunit
tinted sidemarkers

Future mods:
MTX-75 trans swap
New wheels
Custom painted interior with black suede headliner
Exhaust system w/ Borla muffler

Distant future:
Turbo (or some form of f/i)

-Blake (trailbikerider)

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it is pretty tough to come up with content for a blog that centers it’s attention on the Focus sedan here in the U.S. Also, your eyes do not deceive you, the car pictured here is, in fact, an SVT. Everyone knows that SVTs only came with an odd number of doors, but hear me out. The Slammed Sedan Crew as a whole has always concentrated on having open minds to all cars, styles, and enthusiasts. This philosophy has lead us to the practice of featuring at least one Focus per month with an odd number of doors, be it ZX3, ZX5, or ZTW. I decided to start this tradition off with a bang, and feature a very popular, but all too often over looked SVT that belongs to Jeremy Gillings. So, without further adieu, here is the first feature on SSC’s blog since before Christmas!

*EDIT: Above picture courtesy of Rob Calhoun


I love talking to people like Jeremy. He’s a polite, fun guy to talk to, and the slight souther drawl in his voice makes the conversation a bit more interesting. Being from Georgia, the Focus scene can be a bit lonely for him, but Jeremy’s never been deterred from building one of the cleanest, most complete cars to grace the forums in recent years. Talking to Jeremy reveals an enthusiast who has dealt with his fair share of bashing for Focus ownership, and it seems to have strengthened his love for the car.

Photo credit to TheIndustialist

As a matter of fact, that love has lead to a pretty hefty set of winter plans for the car, including his hopes for BEWST (!) via a custom turbocharging setup. Jeremy also plans to buy a totaled SVT to canibalize for an SVT swap he hopes to complete in his daily driver ZX3;  re-shave his weathering euro facelift front bumper; buy a set of 215mm tires; and install a new sub in the current SVT.

Photo credit to TheIndustrialist

While Jeremy’s list of modifications on the SVT may not be as extensive as other cars out there, they come together for a complete, well-balanced presentation. Looking at the car from afar, the average enthusiast would not notice much done to the car. Us Focus guys, however, would see a gold mine of hard-to-find (in the U.S.) euro parts. From the base ’98 euro rear bumper and euro taillights accompanied by ST170 badging and an updated hatch strip out back to the shaved facelift bumper, ST170 look-a-like grille, and shorty antenna up front; the car oozes euro charm and class.

Over the years, Jeremy’s car has accumulated a pretty solid set of bolt-ons to put some giddy in it’s get-up. A Hypnotic Illusions short-ram intake (old-school alert!)  feeds a 67mm throttle body from Central Florida Motorsports. From there, air and fuel are ignited with extra voltage provided by a Screamin’ Demon coil pack. Post ignition, spent air and fuel travel through a wrapped header, custom 2.25″ off-road pipe. and Magnaflow exhaust adorned with the stock SVT tip to fit the snub-butt. To take advantage of all the extra power, Jeremy shortens his shifts with a Ford Racing Performace Parts short throw shifter.

Now for what we’ve all ben waiting for, the very best part of any Focus! The chassis and suspension mods are basic on Jeremy’s car, but they’re just about all anyone would need to make a tight, comfortable daily driver that can carve some serious corners. The car is lowered over 18″ x 7″ Centerline(queue Ken)  Excels shod in 225/35/18 Sumitomos using Bilstein PSS-9 coilovers. The rear springs sit atop custom perches on Dominant Engineering tubular lower control arms.

All of this adds up to a clean, understated SVT that grabs the attention of just about any well-informed Focus fan. I find myself surprised each time I see Jeremy’s car surface on [FJ] or FLF. It’s one of the best-looking Focuses out there, yet if flies so far under the radar. Nice job, Jeremy, we can’t wait to see you at Focus Rising 2011!

-Matt (Cobrawannabe)

Merry Christmas from SSC!

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

Don’t Mind the EAPs. Afterall, Are They Really That Bad?

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A lot of us stance-oriented cats in the Focus scene are pretty openly against the use of European Appearance Package wheels from the 2003-2004 SVT hatchbacks. We feel they’re played out, tacky, and in some extreme cases, tasteless. While I have never personally outright disliked the wheels (as a matter of fact, I think they’re pretty good-looking), I am getting a bit tired of them. They’re on everything. The mainstream Focus scene seems to think that “drop, tint, SVT or FRPP suspension, EAPs, intake, exhaust” is the recipe for instant Focus success. While this certainly makes for a nice-looking, good-performing car; it gets old after a while.

This takes us to Blake (Trailbikerider to the forum junkies like me.), and his 2002 Zetec sedan. Blake’s car is on black Ford Racing EAPs, and FRPP suspension. For now. But before we discuss Blake’s (HUGE) winter plans, let’s take a lok at the car as it sits, and why it seems to stand out the way it does.

It’s not the EAPs, the FRPP suspension, or the SVT headlights that make Blake’s car so outstanding, even it it’s current iteration. It’s the little things that make the car pop. The euro grilles are the first thing that jump out at you when you see the front of the car, and the euro sedan taillights make for a great balancing act between front and rear. As you look down the side of the car, Niteshaded side markers, a C-F-M billet shorty antenna, and SVT mirrors with granny gold caps tidy things up.

Blake has owned the car for 3 years now, and he doesn’t seem to have any regrets:

“(I)Have owned the car since 2007, and it’s my first car. I LOVE driving it, and have thoroughly enjoyed modifying it. It’s currently down and out due to a blown Zetec, which had close to 180,000 miles on it. I have my donor engine with ~17k on it almost ready to put in, and she’ll be ready to rock at FR11!”

That’s right, the car is sitting in Blake’s barn with a popped Zetec. Sad, yes, but it leads us to where the car is going. On top of a “new” Zetec with a scant 17,000 miles on it, Blake hopes to finish the car to his liking this winter with the few remaining touches it needs to exemplify the SSC style. For the time being, here are some pics of the ongoing build.

Blake, best of luck to you this winter, none of us can wait to see it!

Blake Nichols’ 2002 Ford Focus ZTS Zetec

Current mods:

Volant Intake
Trubendz 2.5″ Stainless Borla
NGK V-power plugs
FRPP 1.5″ Suspension Kit
Steeda 8mm Plug Wires
Suspension Technologies 22mm Rear Sway
Energy Suspension Poly Endlinks
Massive Speed Purple Rear Stress Bar
SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms
SVT Header Swap
Stock Dogbone with Prothane poly inserts
Tuned by FSwerks
Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X492
Pioneer Front Speakers
Mustang GT Billet Shift Knob
Leather SVT E-brake
Leather SVT boots
CFM Aluminum Pedals
DIY Short Throw Shifter
Black EAP’s
Gold lug nuts
Niteshaded Sidemarkers
Baked and Painted Black stock headlights
Foglight DRL mod
Focus Central Billet Antenna
SVT lip
35/20 Tint with 5% 8″ Glare Strip
Color-matched door handles
Real European Sedan Taillights
Euro upper and lower grill
Yellow lamin-x on foglights
SVT mirrors w/ Color-matched caps
Powdercoated Contour Valve Cover

Winter Plans:

New Zetec

SVT Front Bumper
Mach 1 lip
New wheels ( do not know yet )
Painted Trunk Strip
Fix rear bumper


Summertime daily driver and occasional autocross whore.